Japanese Singers Hajime Chitose and Atari Kousuke Concert in Singapore

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Renowned Kagoshima singers Hajime Chitose and Atari Kousuke held their first ever concert in Singapore recently. I had the opportunity to cover their exclusive performances at Zepp@BigBox and it was nothing short of an amazing experience to say the least.

“Ochugen” collaboration unit

Hailing from the Amami Oshima islands in Kagoshima, Japan, and both singing in the unique Shima-uta style of folk music, Hajime Chitose and Atari Kousuke have been holding concerts as a collaboration unit.

In fact, the duo has a nickname “Ochugen” (お中元), which is a play on each of their surnames, Atari (中) and Hajime (元), forming a Japanese word “Ochugen”.

This expression refers to the gift-giving period in July where Japanese people send gifts to people they are indebted to, and it was aptly used as this concert took place in July too!

An evening of soothing and entrancing vocals

The concert started with a duet performance, after which both singers also had solo performances. Of course, the concert wouldn’t be complete without them singing their hit songs.

For Atari Kousuke, said to have the world’s most soothing voice, his arguably most popular song is his third single Hana. Enjoying increasing popularity in Japan and Asian countries such as Taiwan and China, Atari Kousuke also sang a Chinese song, “Invisible Wings” (隐形的翅膀) originally by Angela Zhang, much to the delight of the local fans.

Songs by Hajime Chitose included her first major label single, Wadatsumi No Ki (ワダツミの木), which topped the singles chart, and Kataritsugu Koto (語り継ぐこと), her first release after returning to the music industry in 2005.

Widely known as a singer with a very unique singing style, her entrancing stage presence mesmerised all who turned up to watch her performance. Her singing has been reported in studies to have actual relaxation effects on the human mind, and after listening to her live in person, I am sure her fans couldn’t agree more.

The concert ended on a high note with duet performances by the two artistes during the encore.

Kagoshima, land of unique experiences

On a side note, if you have not heard about the beautiful Amami Oshima islands, or have yet to be enthralled by the beauty and rich culture Kagoshima prefecture offers, I highly recommend including them into your itinerary on your next Japan trip! You will be sure that many unique experiences await you, and it will be a side of Japan you have yet to discover.

Venue | Zepp@BigBox

Organiser | Sozo

Media Partner | Bandwagon

TV Partner | GEM TV Asia

Part of Japan Music Festival

Supported by Office Augusta, Office WalkerExplore Kagoshima

Photography | Truphotos

Hajime Chitose & Atari Kousuke duet performance
Opening duet song by Hajime Chitose and Atari Kousuke at their concert at Zepp@BigBox, Singapore.
Atari Kousuke solo performance after the opening duet
Atari Kousuke begins his solo performance after the duet with Hajime Chitose. 
Atari Kousuke sings at his first concert in Singapore with Hajime Chitose
Demonstrating his outstanding Chinese language ability with a popular Chinese song 隐形的翅膀 (Invisible Wings) originally by Angela Zhang. 
Renowned Kagoshima singer Atari Kousuke performing Hana in front of his fans
Atari Kousuke belting out arguably his most popular song and third single, Hana. 
Japanaese singer Atari Kousuke singing at his first concert in Singapore
Atari Kousuke mesmrizing the crowd with his ultra soothing and gentle voice at Zepp@BigBox. 
Hajime Chitose solo performances at her first concert in Singapore
Hajime Chitose’s solo performance started after the intermission with her first major label songs, Wadatsumi No Ki. This song was also the third best selling single of 2002. 
Kagoshima singer Hajime Chitose performing at her first Singapore concert
Born and raised in Amami Oshima, Kagoshima, Hajime Chitose formed a collaboration with Atari Kousuke representing the Shima-uta genre of folk music. 
Fans gathered at Zepp@BigBox for the concert of Hajime Chitose and Atari Kousuke
Crowd at Zepp@BigBox enjoying the performance by the two singers from Amami Oshima, Kagoshima. 
Hajime Chitose on stage performing in front of her fans in Singapore
Hailing from the Amami Oshima islands in Kagoshima, Hajime Chitose has a distinctive singting style characterised by unique falsetto effects. 
Kagoshima singer Hajime Chitose with her solo performances at her Singapore concert
Hajime Chitose with another of her hits, Kataritsugu Koto, This song was her first after returning to the music industry in 2005, and was also the ending theme for a Japanese animation.
Hajime Chitose & Atari Kousuke with their finale duet performances during the encore
Ending their successful concert in Singapore on a high note with duet performances for the encore. 

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